Summer Camp Oo-U-La

Winter Camp 2017 is transitioning to Spring Family Weekend 2017! We look forward to welcoming all our campers and their families to join us at Family Weekend!

Summer Camp Oo-U-La is June 3-9, 2017 at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, GA!

Campers arrive on Sunday, June 4.

Volunteer staff arrive on Saturday, June 3.

We would like to welcome burn­‐injured children and their siblings to all of our camp programs starting this summer!

Beginning in summer 2016, Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation will provide camp at no cost to burn­‐injured children and their sibling(s). Eligible campers are Georgia residents age 7 to 17 who sustained a burn injury that required treatment or hospitalization at a burn center, or non­‐Georgia residents who were treated in a Georgia burn center, and their siblings. We partner with Camp Twin Lakes to host camp at their Rutledge and Will­‐A-Way facilities. Transportation is offered from three locations across the state.

Camp offers burn-­injured children and their siblings opportunities to grow together in their recovery—both physical and emotional—and in their relationship with one another, all while experiencing the fun, friendships, and freedom that you can only find at camp!

Campers can bond and reconnect with siblings and friends while gliding down the swirling waterslide, fishing or paddling in the lakes, trying their hands at the pottery wheel or archery, roasting marshmallows, and so much more. Campers also have opportunities to connect with a support group of peers who have similar stories and similar scars—both seen and unseen—to learn ways to process, talk about, and cope with their challenges and feelings.

Though it may be easy to forget about what brings them to camp while having all this fun, campers truly have “fun with a purpose,” as we acknowledge, validate, and honor the experiences of children affected—directly and indirectly—by traumatic burn injuries.

The theme for camp is UNDERWATER this year so be sure to bring all your aquatic-themed gear!

Summer Camp 2017 Forms

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Volunteer Staff 2017 Applications

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Camper Exchange Program

We are excited to continue our partnership with Camp B.U.C.K.O.(Burn Camp for Kids in Ontario) in Ontario, Canada to facilitate an exchange program where campers have the opportunity to attend one another’s camp programs. For more information about our camper exchange program, please contact McKenzy Williams at